What is AffClicks?

Affclicks is an idea that we have been working towards for quiet some time now, as with any project what you are working towards changes with time and better understanding of the problem domain. This is where we are currently at with Affclicks as well as our vision for the future. We expect it to continue evolving based on customer feedback in our soon to commence beta to best serve the needs of affiliate marketers.

Affclicks provides profitability analytics for affiliate marketers. The main focus of these analytics is profitability analysis – as opposed to traffic metrics – which are available in products such as Google analytics (although we cover some of these as well). Affclicks imports cost data from Adwords at regular user-defined intervals. This allows analysis of the cost data right down to the keyword and search terms used level as well as reconciling it with the commission data imported from our many supported Affiliate networks. Having this data then allows an affiliate marketer to make more informed decisions about how to improve their campaigns.

Some examples of what you can then do with having both the cost and revenue data together in the one place are changing keyword bids based of profitability, pausing/ deleting underperforming keywords, identifying poor performing landing pages or merchants and adding search terms that have resulted in commission as keywords in Adwords.

WIthout a third party solution an affiliate marketer working across multiple affiliate networks would have to spend a large amount of time just to work out on a high level what their current financial position is. Although there are other tools that aggregate data across affiliate networks they generally do just that, ignoring the other half of the equation, traffic acquisition, to focus exclusively on the end result, commission revenue. As well as aiming to solve the commission aggregation problem as accurately as possible we are putting a lot of focus into the traffic acquisition and how users progress through your site. This makes us an application that deals with the entire process of a user visiting either through organic or paid search, clicking around your site, exiting to a merchant and finally taking an action on a merchants site which provides affiliate commission.

This allows us to obtain additional traffic data which networks often fail to provide such as exit clicks and therefore earnings per click (EPC). Affclicks can tell you exactly which exit link was clicked on any sale or lead. Through our own experience as professional affiliate marketers over many years we found that collecting a mountain of data was the easy part. However, it was largely useless to us when we didn’t have the time or the tools to convert it into a useable form and analyse it in a way that helped us to improve the profitability of our campaigns.

Our focus has been creating an interface that both serves the power user and the part time affiliate. For the power user a lot of details available and low level analytics to access and act upon. For the part time affiliate we have automation of tasks and high level graphs for them to quickly assess their position and where they can improve return on investment.

Most people aren’t advertising managers full time and find the Adwords interface uninviting and far to confusing to setup a simple campaign. Also the interface isn’t geared towards affiliates, the focus is more on big e-commerce operations with things like conversion tracking and google analytics integration. While these are good features, they don’t measure the end sale on a merchants site.

Affclicks is progressing rapidly and will soon be ready for a closed beta. We hope to hear from as many prospective users as possible right throughout the process. Got a business case you think we should cover? Are there features, functions, or certain networks we are missing? Drop us a line, or alternatively leave your email so we can get you involved in our private beta as soon as possible.

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