Affclicks Launches a New Website

Since early in AffClicks development we have just had a fairly simple and mostly outdated splash page up with some basic information about the product. As our product launch quickly approaches and we get more interest we needed something to send people to which would concisely explain to them what AffClicks does and why it will benefit their business.

Front and center we now have what we think are 4 of the key benefits Affclicks brings to a user:

  • Drive more sales and leads with keyword analytics
  • Boost PPC profits with automated ROI analysis
  • Track and optimise conversions from organic search traffic
  • Save time with consolidated network statistics

To match the new theme the blog is also now themed the same and much better integrated as part of the AffClicks website rather than a mostly separate entity. The top links allow easy navigation to the website for users discovering AffClicks through blog posts.

The other main thing we have done is created a features page which further expands on the key benefits with a more in depth description and screen shots.

While this is no substitute for actually getting onto AffClicks and trying it out it gives a better idea to those hearing of AffClicks for the first time whether or not it will be ideal for them.

On the development front we are at the stage where we are mainly ironing out bugs and areas rough around the edges, having most of the features we wish to launch a beta with implemented.

If you have any questions or suggestions for either the website or AffClicks please feel free to email us, we look forward to talking to more affiliate marketers about how we can make Affclicks the best possible product for them and their business.


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