Amazon Associates Tracking Support Added To AffClicks

Amazon Associates, one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world, is now available as a network to connect to in AffClicks.

Despite it’s size we held off for some time on integration. The network is notoriously difficult to extract all the statistics an affiliate wants, the information available is weighted heavily towards amazon. Given their size and inventory they are able to get away with sub standard reporting. We wanted to provide the same level of statistics we are able to provide for the other affiliate networks we have integrated.

The core of the problem is that Amazon Associates doesn’t allow a custom passthrough (or subid) to set when one of your users clicks through one of Amazons affiliate links. You are provided with a comparatively small number of tracking ids which you can use to differentiate sales. In practice using Amazon Associates from their UI though, this usually means lumping things into broad tags and getting little to no visibility tracking individual sales. You are also unable to determine which items were bought in the one transaction, as you only get a listing in terms of individual items.

AffClicks has solved this problem by automatically creating a large number of tracking id tags and rotating through them. Then using a series of factors to determine which user the tag maps back to when a transaction is made. This gives you things such as grouping items into transactions, click through time, visitor ip address and the referral term and landing page your visitor landed on. You can also choose not to have the custom tags created and just aggregate the items brought with your other affiliate networks connected in AffClicks.

Give it a try today, we are eager to hear users feedback and suggestions regarding this feature. As well as any profit improvements stemming from the extra data now at your fingertips.

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